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Discover your Chrysler serial number & generate your radio code using Car Radio Unlock!

If your Chrysler's display presents "SAFE MODE," "WAIT," or "SAFE," there's no need to fret. These messages typically manifest for specific reasons such as a blown fuse, a recent battery change, or a depleted battery. In these situations, your radio becomes locked and necessitates a 4-digit unlock code for restoration. All that's required in this scenario is your radio's serial number, and we'll promptly supply you with the unlock code within seconds!

Finding your Chrysler radio serial number:

Each Chrysler car radio, except for the Chrysler Touch screen Radio, has its serial number situated on the rear of the radio unit. To retrieve it, follow this straightforward process: partially remove the radio from the dashboard using a removal tool (or a similar household item) and a screwdriver. After taking off the surrounding plastic mold and carefully unscrewing the screws, gently pull the radio towards you until you spot the label on the back. The serial number is usually located above or below the barcode.

Notably, there’s no need to disconnect any wires during this procedure.

Here are some examples of Chrysler serial numbers:

  1. T M9 116 767 8 00656
  2. T 00 AM 543 6 N0678
  3. TC0AA2314K8454
  4. A2C34330300014532
  5. T Q1 AA 221 3 B1434
Chrysler serial number Car radio code finder
Chrysler Radio serial number

How to generate the Chrysler radio unlock code with Car radio unlock:

Unlocking your Chrysler radio is a easy process with Our easy to use service simplifies the generation of your radio’s unlock code in just a few straightforward steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. Enter your radio’s serial number in the designated field on our website.
  2. Click the “GET YOUR CHRYSLER CODE NOW” button. Our system will process your request and generate a unique unlock code for your Chrysler radio.
  3. Complete the payment procedure, and your unlock code will be displayed on the screen and sent to your email for your convenience.

Enter the Chrysler radio unlock code!

Entering the code is a straightforward process, follow these easy steps:

  • Press the associated button for the first digit of your code until you reach the desired number (e.g., press the button twice for ‘2’).
  • Repeat this for the second digit using the corresponding button.
  • Continue this process for the remaining digits.
  • Double-check your code for accuracy.
  • Press and hold the “Enter” button (typically a round button) for a few seconds.
  • Your radio is now unlocked and ready to use. Enjoy!
Afterward, the radio should unlock on its own. But if you encounter any unexpected issues with the radio, please contact us via our CONTACT page or the website’s Main page, and we will assist you in resolving the problem.