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How to find your Jeep radio serial number and get your stereo unlock code with Car Radio Unlock!

Your Jeep radio says "SAFE MODE", "WAIT" or "SAFE"? Don't worry, this is because of the following reasons: a dead fuse, the battery was changed or a dead battery. In these situations your radio is locked and it will need an 4 digit- unlock code. No worries, all you will need is your radio serial number and we will provide your code in seconds!

Step 1: Find your Jeep radio serial number

The jeep radio serial number is an unique identifier for your radio.  To access it you need to extract the radio from the center of the console. The serial number is located on the radio label under or above the barcode

For newer versions you can find the serial on screen, in that case you won’t have to pull out the radio. 

Serial number Examples: 

  • T M6 232 3  11234 
  • T Q2 AA 343 A 1232 
  • TOMYD045410232
  • A2343435
  • T 00 AM 343 6 G6767
Jeep serial number Car radio unlock
Jeep radio serial number

See a video tutorial on how to remove the Renault radio and find the radio serial number. Buy radio removal tools from: radio removal tools

Step 2: Get the Jeep radio code with Car Radio Unlock

  • If you got your serial number to to othe next step so just press the button “GET YOUR JEEP CODE NOW” 
  • Now just enter the correct serial number on the form, provide an valid email address and go the the next step
  •  Go through with the payment procedure, you can choose between (credit card, debit or paypal) and have your code.
  • The code will be displayed to you on our page and send to the provided email address.

Step 3: Enter the Jeep unlock code!

To enter your Jeep code you will need to use the radio’s buttons. The word “SAFE” , “LOCKED” , “1000” or “CODE” may appear on screen depending on the model.  

Just use the radio’s buttons to enter the code, check it if it is correct and press “ENTER” or “OK”.

Now your radio should unlock automatically, if in any reason the radio does not work just contact us – visit our CONTACT or our Main page and we will guide you on how to solve the issue.