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Discover your Fiat serial number and generate your radio code using Car Radio Unlock!

If your F'iat display shows "SAFE MODE," "WAIT," or "SAFE," there's no need to be worried. These messages typically appear due to the following reasons: a blown fuse, a recent battery change, or a depleted battery. In such situations, your radio becomes locked and requires a 4-digit unlock code. All you need in this circumstance is either your radio's serial number and we can swiftly provide you with the unlock code within seconds!

How to find the Fiat serial number:

To locate the radio’s serial number, you’ll need to remove the radio unit. For guidance on this extraction process, you can refer to YouTube, where specific instructions for your Fiat model and year can be found. Keep in mind that the serial number’s format may vary depending on the radio manufacturer (e.g., Blaupunkt, Continental, Bosch, Visten, TopPower, DAIICHI, etc.). Typically, you’ll find this identifier either above or below the barcode. Fiat serial number examples:

  1. CM8526 A 4410098
  2. BP730076694457
  3. M010334
  4. I956
  5. A2C9985220200005656
  6. U5332


Fiat serial number - Car radio unlock
Fiat serial number

If you encounter difficulties locating your serial number, it’s possible that your model is not compatible. Please refer to the our contact page below for further assistance.

How to get the Fiat radio unlock code with Car radio unlock:

Unlocking your Fiat radio is a breeze with Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to retrieve your radio’s unlock code in just a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it:

  • Input your radio’s serial number into the designated field on our website.
  • Click the “GET YOUR FIAT CODE NOW” button. Our system will swiftly process your request and provide you with the unique unlock code for your Fiat radio.
  • Finalize the payment procedure and the code will appear on screen and it will be sent on email. 

Enter the Fiat radio unlock code!

After powering on and tapping the “OK” button on the screen, a keypad will display. Simply enter your code and press “OK.” On smaller LCD screens, the buttons will guide you for each digit of the code number. Press button 1 until the correct digit appears, then proceed with button 2, and continue this process for buttons 3 and 4.